How does it work?

-We play ranked matchmaking, standard-ap mode using your account. We will get you the necessary amount of wins as per our deal and will send you a confirmation via skype or an email that our job is completed. If you have any questions during or after that period feel free to give us a message and we will respond as soon as we can.


Are my account and items safe?

– Your account is in safe hands while we boost it. Alternatively you can restart your steamguard, which will block all trades for two weeks period.


How to pay?

– All payments are sent over paypal before the boosting begins. For big range boosts we can take half of the sum upfront and the other half once we reach 50 percent of the ordered boost.


What do i have to do ?

– After we establish contact via email or skype we take your order we will ask you for your steam details and once the payment is verified we begin the boosting immediately.


What about my privacy?

– We keep complete privacy of your account and always play from offline friends mode.